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Oct 09 2008

Example of a Prophet

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Did anyone else listen to the biography of Thomas S. Monson between sessions of conference? It was outstanding. He is an inspirational example of a follower of Jesus Christ.

I was struck by a couple of stories in particular (probably because they addressed a topic that I am sensitive about and have commented on before).

In the first story, President Monson, then a Bishop, was attending a Stake Priesthood leadership meeting when he felt impressed that he should visit an elderly member of the ward in a local nursing home. buy deltasone online after comparing prices. order deltasone without a prescription. how much does generic prednisone cost? He dismissed the prompting and justified not making the visit due to the importance of the leadership meeting. During the meeting the impression came again and he decided he needed to act on it. By this time, however, the Stake President was speaking and Bishop Monson did not feel that he could quietly make an exit. So he waited.

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As soon as the Stake President concluded his remarks, he ran out and hustled to the nursing home arriving, as it turned out, too late. The good brother had passed away. One of the family members, upon seeing him, asked if he was “Bishop Monson.” The family member related that prior to his death, the gentlemen uttered “Bishop Monson” several times. After this experience, President Monson committed to never again ignore the promptings of the spirit.

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On the second occasion, a young girl, suffering with terminal cancer, desired a blessing of President Monson. After hearing that he would be at the Stake Conference some 60 miles away, the family extended the invitation. prescription prednisone online . online valtrex and fedex find the right product for you. tiramisu buy valtrex without prescription · caffe buy premarin in  Although he would be nearby, the meeting schedule did not allow time for President Monson to make it out to the young girls home and she was too ill to make the trip to the Stake Center. The President suggested that they would offer a prayer for her and would hold a special fast instead.

However, the spirit nudged him again and the decision was made. He rearranged the meeting schedule and asked that the Stake President preside in his stead and he made the journey to bless this daughter of God. He recounts this as one of the most spiritual experiences of his life. The little girl told him that she just “knew” he would. President Monson credits her faith for the prompting he received.

Are we so busy attending meetings that we are not practicing our religion? I have heard over and over again lately how important these meetings are and how we are expected to attend but on more than one occasion, these meetings have conflicted with a service opportunity or a personal event in the lives of some of our members and friends and I am often racked with indecision over which to give priority to. Please, don’t misunderstand, I agree that these meetings are important and we should attend. dapoxetine online india dapoxetine emcure order Priligy I just fear that we are having so many meetings that we are not leaving room enough to actually do the work.

I have already committed to attend all the meetings that I am supposed to, but I am qualifying that now to follow the example of President Monson. I will do the work that Heavenly Father would have me do and I will not ignore the promptings of the Spirit. Some things actually are more important than another meeting.

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