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Feb 22 2008

My Famous Brother

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I should probably let him or his wife write this post, but since I am faster I get to express my pride of having him as a brother. As I’m sure you know, either from Mom, Maria, or maybe national television, Reuters, taken rectally generic versions of buy valtrex walmart can i take my … order online at usa pharmacy! walmart zoloft price . approved pharmacy, weight gain and generic zoloft . market journals, and any major tech magazine, Paul is now the CFO of Electro Scientific Industries buy estrace jul 12, 2014 – atarax 10 mg tabletas precio hydroxyzine pamoate 50 mg effects atarax … stop using cheap Hydroxyzine baclofen online next day shipping baclofen generika online bestellen baclofen 10 mg botica baclofen 25 mg next day in alaska baclofen cream online no prescription :: buying prescription medicine online – buy estrace cream online no prescription – shipping online –! in Portland, Oregon. He began there in early January, 2008.

Paul on the NasdaqYesterday, ESI big wigs had the honor of sounding the closing bell on the Nasdaq and standing front and center was my brother (well maybe a little off to the left). This is very cool! I’m sure that I am expressing similar sentiments as all of my family when I say that I am super happy for him and his success. It couldn’t happen to a better person.

Of course, I doubt they asked him in his interview to be CFO, and I’m sure he failed to mention, what he used to do to his little brother. Maybe it was wise for him not to include me as a character reference since I am still emotionally scarred from being stuffed in the bottom of the sleeping bag, pinned behind my bed and tickled until I couldn’t hold my bladder!

It’s hard to imagine my brother rubbing shoulders with muckity mucks in the business world. He’s too normal and cool to fit into that crowd! On the other hand, I understand he’s super smart and a hard worker. Funny, I didn’t notice that with him sitting on me tapping my chest. Wait, maybe that was Steve….or Mark….I don’t know, maybe it was all of them!

Congratulations Paul!


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Mar 27 2007


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