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Mar 12 2007

Not 20 anymore!

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Hi All,
Just wanted to let everyone know Paul broke his left arm Thurs. March 1st at a BLBL game. (Brotherly Love Basketball League) aka church basketball. Doing a tomahawk jam, his arm hit the rim on the way down…. Okay, okay, it buckled under the weight of his own body as he lost his balance during a block and fell backward. He didn’t even stop to take his foul shots before I rushed him to the ER, where we stayed until 4:00am. I was entertained though, as I watched Paul enjoy some really good drugs while they reset his arm. The bones kind of splintered when they broke so he spent over an hour in some kind of chinese finger tourture traction device. A couple of the team players came up and gave him a blessing, which I think prevented him from passing out, and of course helped him endure the pain. No pins or plates, so far. He has to go back every week for at least 3 weeks and if nothing moves, he’s home free. Good thing he blackberries right thumbed!

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Feb 20 2007

Oliver’s Baptism and an Apology

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Feb 06 2007

Oldham Family Blog

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