Oct 27 2010

My Why

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In order to do this, and to stay committed, I have to have a reason. A “why.”

The other day I was going through my drawer where I keep all the things that are really important to me. Right on top, because it means so much to me, is Abby’s heart. This is in my top 5 possessions.

I have the best kids on the planet. Sorry to inform all you other parents out there, but it’s true. As wonderful as your kids are, and I know and love many of them, they are not nearly what my kids are.

A few years ago, in an attempt to help to change the tone of Christmas, we decided to give Abby something that she didn’t really ask for. We could have given her the stuffed animal or the dragon that she wanted, but we thought it would be “good for her” to get something that required a few more brain cells to enjoy. I can remember her seeing that gift for the first time. She was happy…but it was not the kind of happy that I think she would have felt if she had seen something that was on her wish list.

She insisted that she was happy and she proceeded to look through the bucket of crafts that we had gotten her. I couldn’t help but think that she was at least a little bit disappointed. To her credit, she never let on.

Well, on Mother’s Day that spring Abby gave Laura this gift that I could never have anticipated. It’s a simple, small pillow in the shape of a heart. She made it for here and it’s perfect. She took what was probably a disappointing Christmas gift and turned it into something so much more precious. I wonder if she even knows what it means to me? I don’t know that I have ever told her.

This is my why.

(writer’s correction…I mistakenly recalled that this pillow was a gift to me when in fact it was given to Laura fo Mother’s Day…even better!)


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