Feb 07 2008

What Kind of Person am I?

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I always wanted to be considered “well read.” Unfortunately, I don’t actually want to read (much). Or at least the kind of reading that would qualify me for this classification. I always wanted to be considered “cultured,” “well educated,” “articulate,” “daring,” and so on. Of course the question is, am I willing do to the things that is required to actually become those things.

Well, I took, what is for me, a big step on my path to becoming “cultured.” I ventured off my typical dinner fare and adventured into a Thai restaurant. ….I’ll wait while my mom picks herself up off the floor.

As I explained to my companions before our dinner arrived, picky eaters have more taste buds on their tongues then non-picky eaters. The obvious explanation for their pickiness, therefore, is that they can actually taste their food. (I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sure has ring of truth to my discerning ears.)

I asked the server what a Thai food newbie should order. He directed me to a noodle rice and beef dish that I forgot the name of as soon as he pronounced it the third time. I was with 7 other people and each of us ordered a different dish, and as is apparently the custom in some Thai places, the dishes all made the rounds. Of the 8 dishes, I tried 6 of them and liked 4. One of them I did not like because of the curry (apparently a decidedly unpopular position amongst food eaters) and the other because it was far too spicy (a 5 on their 1-10 scale), and I like spicy (I can’t imagine a 10, what would be the point). Not bad for a notoriously finicky eater.

But I think the best part of the night for me, was that my chicken finger only eating son was among us and ate nearly his entire dinner and boldly tried mine as well.

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  1. Momon 21 Feb 2008 at 12:07 am

    Doug, it sounds like you and Nick had a night of culture. I was surprised to see that you would even go to a Thai resturant. That’s great and I’m also happy that you found some dishes that you like. They may have even more that you did not try. So, you’ll have to go again. I’m surprised at Nick also. It seems he liked it even more than you did. Also, it shows that it doesn’t hurt to try new things, it’ll surprise you, you might like it. Congratulations on your adventure in trying food of another culture.

    Love, mom

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